Sedation Dentist – Dublin, CA

Calming Dentistry Designed Just for You

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Visiting the dentist’s office doesn’t have to be a scary experience. We understand that past trauma, a fear of needles, the inability to sit still, and even a sensitive gag reflex can make you want to cancel or reschedule, but prolonging your visit will only put you at greater risk of serious oral health problems. At Waterford Dental Group, we want to provide calming dentistry that is designed just for you. With sedation dentistry, we can create a relaxing environment that allows for effective treatment and positive experiences. Call us today to find out whether nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation dentistry in Dublin might be the right option for you.


Why Choose Waterford Dental Group for Sedation Dentistry?

  • Two Forms of Dental Sedation Available
  • 24/7 Emergency Dental Care
  • Caring Dental Team Whose Focus is on Patient Comfort


Oral Conscious Sedation

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For moderate to severe dental anxiety, oral conscious sedation can be an ideal option when pursuing dental treatment. Taken as a pill before your appointment, you will become fully relaxed once you are in the dentist’s chair. With feelings of ease and comfort, you will feel as if you’re falling asleep but will remain aware enough to respond to any dental cues. It is necessary to have someone drive you home after your appointment, as the sedation will require ample time to wear off.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Gloved hand holding a nose mask for nitrous oxide sedation

Commonly known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is a popular and milder option for patients, as its effects come on quickly and dissipate just as fast. Leaving individuals feeling almost euphoric, a warm sensation often occurs as you begin to inhale the nitrous oxide through a nasal mask. You will remain completely calm and at ease throughout your visit. Once the mask is removed, you will begin to feel like your normal self after breathing in straight oxygen for a few minutes. When ready, you will be able to drive yourself home after your appointment.