Tooth Extractions – Dublin, CA

Let Us Save Your Smile

Five teenagers smiling outdoors after tooth extractions in Dublin

Keeping your smile intact is the goal of any good dentist, but situations can arise that require the removal of one or more teeth. This can be necessary for many reasons, and you can expect that our team at Waterford Dental Group will thoroughly discuss your case should we feel it is the only viable option that remains. Offering safe tooth extractions in-house, our skilled professionals will ensure your comfort so that you remain pain-free throughout the procedure and prepared for a swift and successful recovery at home. If you believe tooth extractions in Dublin may be what you need to safeguard your oral health, call our dental office.

Why Choose Waterford Dental Group for Tooth Extractions?

  • Three Reliable Tooth Replacement Solutions
  • Dental Sedation Available
  • Skilled Dentists & Specialists with Decades of Experience

When Are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

Dental forceps holding an extracted tooth

There are several reasons why we might recommend tooth extraction. In many cases, severe decay is often the culprit, as it can pose a threat to nearby healthy teeth. However, there is also the possibility of advanced gum disease that can cause teeth to become loose. Extreme facial trauma might also be a reason for tooth removal or if you suffer from overcrowding but need orthodontic treatment to ensure optimal results.

No matter the reason, we will develop a plan and discuss the reason for extraction so that you can feel confident in the decision to improve your oral health in such a way.